My world aligns… for a minute

I am now the new editorial assistant at a local magazine.. there will be official reviews, that people apart from your lovely selves will read; perhaps an interview or two and of course a little rambling because really, what is a good article without high quality rambling.

For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, I’m in that limbo period with my degree where if I flunk (not get an average of 65%) on the two units I have done this year then no more masters program for me. Ah, drama. The first unit brought in a mere 52% so I had better study, procrastinate less and understand more in order to get an 80% on this second *all hangs on you unit*

I’ve found that news always comes in threes. The first was the potential job offer – a spot of bright light in my usual dreary world of renovations¬† (lets not go there yet), the second was devastating for a family that’s at least one third mine. J lost her grandfather. This sucks. I don’t have an eloquent form of expression for this, if you’ve ever had someone close leave you, I’m sure you understand. Sometimes words just don’t cut it. I’d like to think he’s in a better place getting a kick out of watching the people he loved.

The third piece of news was met with a wary stance and lots of nasty glaring: the renovations will be complete in a week. If I had a dollar for every time the builders have voiced those words in the last two weeks, I would have an extra $20 for lunch tomorrow.

Now the point of this post, (you were wondering weren’t you) is that this blog, is officially open. On the 60th day of renovations, the 1st day of first job being offered and the eleventh hour before a crazy weekend begins, this blog has chosen to arrive.


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