Great Expectations

Pip grows up believing his benefactor is a statuesque, deteriorating and morbid woman who still wears the wedding dress she was wearing the day she was jilted. My first thought upon reading Miss Havisham described was how on earth does she go to the loo?

Okay, so it wasn’t the most literary or profound thought – but I was sixteen and enjoying Pip’s adventures mightily. Readers follow a young Pip from his encounter with a convict at the grave site of his parents and siblings to his wiser,  matured, self’-realisation at a middling age. I hated him as a hero, perhaps my first hero-hate experience. Until I met Pip, I had always wanted to meet the heroes and heroines of my books so I could stammer and blush, be in awe of their presence and lay bold claim to having met them.

(Yes, I know they were fictional, your point being?)

Then I came across Pip and the urge to shake him and ask intrusive questions (such as, were you born slow or do you practice it?) was born within me. I suppose I have a lot to thank Pip for. He made me realise that even a character with shades of grey and navy could be interesting and part of a broader story where, while he may not be the all-knowing hero, he need not be a stereotypical bad guy either.

Similarly, I feel this theory must be applied to people. Especially new people you meet as you never know what one is capable of until you have known them for a lengthy period of time. Cue experience at local magazine thus far.

It’s been a lovely experience. And I say this not because they may stumble across this blog one day, but because it has genuinely been a soft, shiny and smooth experience thus far. My fellow workers are cordial, kind, friendly and quite helpful. Hoever, it has only been ten days so far and until I’ve seen them under stress, in angst and under pressure it is perhaps futile to form judgement.

Thus far however, I am in the first third of Pip’s experiences: the slow, steady route where new avenues await me and high adventure calls.

Well, as much adventure as I may come across in a publications office.

Read Pip’s adventures and drop me a line as to how you like it – or do what one of my friends does and rent the film!


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