The art of public speaking

Lately Ive been wondering about conversation topics. I read something somewhere and it was the general gist that people – friends, acquaintances, family – tend to discuss persons as opposed to ideas. This stems from a human desire to put others down or find fault in another while elevating themselves or those they favour to higher esteem.

I don’t think people do it from a personal desire to be superior, it has just become the way we, as people interact with one another, everything has become a competition. I’ve been paying attention to conversation topics lately. I know my friends hate it when I conduct experiments without them realising, but its been an interesting experience I must say. For all the attempts we make to discuss an idea, or concept, it always comes back to applying them to a person of our acquaintance, or to one another. There isn’t anything wrong with it. Well.. depends on who’s making that statement.

My experiement wasn’t blatant, nor was it directive- I merely observed. As usual, it was brilliant fodder for my mind. I’ve never been sure if it’s trouble I like to create or satisfy a need to try something out and see the results. I suppose my wiring is a little faulty and perhaps some wires are cross-connected.

You will be glad – or dismayed- to know the experiment provided me with a second theory, which shall be shared somewhere further down the track once the relevant experiment has been conducted. What is it you ask? It’s underway, whatever it is, and you shall be a lovely addition to the party.

I believe, and correct me if I am wrong, Oscar Wilde once said, “…the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”



  1. i want to know and considering i'm not part of the experiment email me.i'm highly curious, for a second you sounded like me with all the experimenting on people<3 love this made me laugh&love u

  2. I think also, talking about a person could also be a form of concern but that individual (ie the speakee) doesn't know how to approach the subject about it. Of course there is the obvious side, which you have pointed out, but I don't think it is always the case.

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