What would you do if love was forbidden and the state was deemed an illness requiring cure?

Lauren Oliver weaves a fast paced and exciting tale set in a world where Lena is awaiting her cure. Eagerly, hopefully and with trepidation. To experience love is to suffer from a delirium so great that pain becomes enjoyable, tears are a source of relief and exhilaration is welcome in all forms.

The popular cover

But to be in love is to be unhappy, to be in excruciating pain, to welcome death. The cure prevents all negative recourse from occurring, once cured Lena will be matched up with a suitable male and they will embark on a happy life free of any trauma or unexpected activity.

Lena has seen the horrific results of believing in love firsthand, her mother committed suicide when she was 9 because she suffered from a delirium so great. Thus with 90 days to her birthday, Lena awaits her review by the board and subsequent decisions that will set in motion the rest of her life – then she meets Alex and the idea of ‘love’ becomes a reality that leads her onto a new path.

Lauren Oliver has created an alternate reality that is incredibly believable. Lena and her foray into a dangerously heightened world will have readers hooked right to its strong ending that leaves so many questions unanswered.

Yes, unanswered. Don’t read this book looking for answers, you’ll discover some wonderful things, yet the answers found are to questions that were never asked. As for the questions that arise, well, I just hope there is a sequel in the wings.

Brilliant book!


Releases January 2nd 2011, read an excerpt here.


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