If you’ve read Airhead then you should know all about this book. The final part to the trilogy (Being Nikki was the second) is a decent fare. Nikki and Em start of the novel being kept hostage by the scion of the Stark group of companies. Part humorous, part serious message, part a mixed bundle of tricks and treats. This was an unusual series in its entirety, I think. Nikki’s body is mixed with Em’s mind – the message till the end of book two is that beauty isn’t as important or easy as it’s made out to be. In book three we find ourselves at a compromise. Em begins to appreciate Nikki’s body and the perks that go with it.

I have a few problems with this whole idea to be honest – why does she suddenly prefer being Em in Nikki’s body? Isn’t this the opposite of what the series set out to say? I suppose some may appreciate that she was able to be intelligent and beautiful at the same time. I find fault in the end message being beauty and mind make a person happy.

There is also the Christopher track – the best friend who doesn’t realize he loves her until Em is physically buried and her brain is transplanted into the body of a supermodel. Sure book two points out he hadn’t realized this until he lost her – fair point. Many people realize what they’ve lost once it isn’t around anymore. However, he lies to Em (in Nikki’s body) throughout the novel until she herself doesn’t work out that he knows the truth. In book three he develops a large complex about her not ‘needing’ him.

Yep, they actually have a conversation where she realizes he needs to feel needed. The issues I have with this could fill a very long blog, so we’ll just stick with, I don’t agree with the concept and it was a downer for me in this story.

This is a strictly ok series from a largely fantastic author. Read it with the context in mind, models and a world where beauty reigns supreme. I’d much rather you all read the Princess Diaries series again.

Read an excerpt here.



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