The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating

This is one of most lovely books. Non-fiction, which I haven’t really read much of. But I can see, its clearly time to start. Elisabeth was incredibly ill for almost twenty years. During the initial year when she was confined to her bed, a kind friend placed a forest snail in a flower pot beside her bed.

At first she wondered how this could possibly be a relief to the regular boredom she was subject to. However as she began observing the small creature and following its daily patterns, she began to appreciate its life – the largeness of this small creature was a marvel.

In this account of that year, we follow Elisabeth’s observations of the snail, its life span and the things she begins to appreciate through its presence. If you’ve read the Anne of Green Gables books, or the Pollyanna books, you’ll realize that to learn a lesson it doesn’t necessarily require preaching – an example or story can serve as just a large form of inspiration.

I think we should all take the few hours needed to read this book, if for nothing else but for a smile and appreciation that is sure to come from the experience.



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