Meth, Acetone & Me!

I have had the most chemically enhanced weekend in all of Sydney – I’ll bet on this.

First house run down – we have three bathrooms, one each for mum and I and a communal downstairs one for visitors and the all and sundry who come by. Yep, that’s you in the back there =p

The downstairs bathroom is the only one which actually resembles a bathroom (somewhat) at the moment. It has wall and floor tiles, a vanity, loo and a shower cubicle. The mirror isn’t up yet so we do this weird thing where we have placed a

mirror up against the wall in front of the vanity – awkward but functional.

As we had trouble with the tiler, some of the paint went on the walls before, after and during the tiling process. What does this mean in English? We had paint and grout splatter on my beautiful black floor tiles. This week I decided as we’d finally completed the bathroom, the splatters must be eradicated too!

So, off mum and I went on Thursday to find what exactly could get rid of this problem. (Note – if you find yourself in a similar predicament I hope you have the common sense to utilize my handy work detailed below.) After many false starts and wasted energy with cleaners that cost half my kidney and my first born – I discovered Acetone!

It’s basically, the harsh base of nail polish remover – how I discovered this shall remain my own shameful secret but the fact that it works will help renovators all over I hope. If you’ve spilt paint on your tiles and its dried, Acetone works. Found in good hardware stores everywhere, no doubt.

Also, the previously bought Meth – which failed in the task I desired for it – proved to be fantastic remover of grout stains from my wall tiles. So not only have a managed to clean the floor and make them sparkle, sparkle, sparkle but the walls are pretty gleam, gleam, gleam as well!

Downside to this beautiful experience, my fingernails and cuticles are on the verge of falling off. Sigh, note to self: wear gloves next time, chemicals aren’t skin friendly.

Now onto other news – Aunt E is moving in with us come mid March. She’s looking for a good apartment to buy and as she needs time to find something half decent and in the area she desires – she’s moving in with us! It’s pretty exciting stuff for a few reasons – we can all live together and not commit murder, as proved by last October. I’ll have people at my house more often then twice a week – mum and I are more like ships passing in the night these days. And I have a 9 year old to play all my games with! I know, its like getting my own real live doll. Mwhahahaha!

Also, I’m going to do posts as often as I can – that recap the Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani (A Kind Of Love Story) series for all my friends – yes the three of you who like Abhay as much as I do, weekly. Its too much effort to email you one at a time and who knows, I may even get the show more fans. Here’s crossing my fingers that Vision Asia doesn’t cancel the channel from its subscriptions listing.

Right, so here I go – and don’t forget to check in this week, I’m finally, finally going to make a genuine effort to review the several books I’ve read and been too lazy about. Some of it comes highly recommended!

Intoxicatingly yours, LM.


One comment

  1. Woo! Vampire show! I look forward to these recaps. And well done on the cleaning – Acetone works on most things. Remember that surfboard I painted a couple of years ago? It was acetone that helped me get all the wax off it first. Ah, good times.

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