Across the Universe

We meet Amy as she and her parents prepare to be artificially frozen for 300 years. Reason? They are to be one of a hundred people sent to a new planet to escape a financial devastation that has been reducing the resources of planet Earth. These hundred people have been carefully selected for their skills, from biologists and geologists to army personnel who will all attempt to build a new society. Amy is the exception to those being frozen, she is branded non-essential cargo, shipped on board at the request of her parents who are essential.

Amy is 16, a passionate red-head and in love with her current life. She’s a very real character and that gives this story a strong heart. Next we meet Elder – that’s his name and rank – on board the space ship which is carrying Amy and her parents to the new planet. Problem is, things on the ship aren’t as they were back on Earth. Obviously you say, but its been nearly 250 years and a lot has changed in this society that began with volunteers and now contains people with little choice.

When Amy is unfrozen before arriving on the planet – she is devastated. Elder, who is 16 and next in line to rule the spaceship begins to see his world from a different perspective, after meeting Amy. As she questions the habits and rituals of the ship, so to does Elder begin to see that perhaps all is not well on the ship. Then follows a race to stop a murderer from unplugging the other 99 frozen beings on board while dealing with feelings that are new to the both of them.

This is a great sci-fi read, it’s a love story cum dystopian mystery. The characters and story are well formed, be warned however it is not a cheerful book. The under laying themes are well put across and the only flaw I found was that the ending is ambiguous. Luckily, this is the first of a trilogy and the author has promised the second instalment due out this year will change everything you think you know.



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