My So-Called Life

I’ve never posted this often before, a time for change perhaps. Or, maybe its the fact that I’m sick today and have nothing better to do. For the record, I hate vomiting, it’s among my least favourite activities and falls just above eating horse meat. Chewy, salty and a little tough, in case you’re wondering.

Apparently my eyes, vision and cornea decided this past weekend that I have been abusing them. You know, dressed in a wife-beater,  hockey stick in hand and bash, bash, bash, that old kind of abuse. Sigh. I’m sorry eyes and all, I simply don’t have money to upgrade the lenses so you must continue to rebel and I must continue to mount my forces against you.

This weekend I was supposed to watch all 19 episoes of My So-Called Life. I hope you’ve all heard of it? I caught a few episodes at a friend’s house and ever since have wanted to watch this teen show from the 1990s that somehow got under my radar. I mean, how? I loved Clarissa, Kenan (less so Kel and his orange soda), Sabrina, The Baby-sitters, the Wakefield twins and even, yes even, Amanda from The Amanda Show. But clearly Angela (Claire Danes) escaped me, never fear I shall remedy this as soon as I can get my hands on the dvds, sigh.

If you’ve never heard of it, shame, shame, shame! Check it out below and come over, I’ll host the marathon in 2 weekends when my copy arrives =)


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