The Unwelcome Guests

I’ve been neglecting you, blog. Apologies.

An inexplicable thing had happened, I’ve fallen ill three times this year. First, over the Christmas long weekend, the usual culprits of nose blockage, coughing were joined by headaches, lethargy and severe vomiting. This last guest was particularly unwelcome, I must say. The others were somewhat more tolerable, though lethargy was pushing it a little with it’s persistence.

Second, approximately two weeks past, I was visited by all the above bar the coughing; he chose to arrive post the others departure.

Third, currently, I’m entertaining all my earlier guests, minus vomit who has thankfully stayed away. I really do appreciate it, love. All other ailments please follow suit and leave.

Particularly headache, you dear, have overstayed your welcome by far.

I’ve been doing a lot of bus reading these past few weeks. Funnily enough, I have this feeling I haven’t been updating what I’ve read at the speed in which they are read. Sigh. Must correct this.

Binks and I are going away, well we hope to, at the end of the year. Money is an issue. Probably The Issue, we face currently. In my hours of plotting, I’ve been thinking a joint blog might be a good idea, if we can get this joint blog hosted by someone like, oh, say the folks at Lonely Planet, that would be gold. Or someone who would pay us something.

If not, we revert back to Plan C, selling pieces of our kidneys.



  1. Chances of us getting paid for a blog are not looking good. I've had a look around and it's not really the done thing. Le sigh. Maybe we should pitch it to Busabout – we'll use your service of rour grand adventure and you can pay us to talk about it on your website. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING. WE ARE STUPIDLY QUALIFIED FOR THIS STUFF. Sigh.

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