The wedding of the year

I for one, was looking forward to it.

He’s a Prince (some would say), an actor (some disagree), the son of of one of my favourite heroines and the father of two pretty well adjusted kids.

She’s a ball of fire, filmdom royalty in her own right and everyone has loved (or hated) her at some point in their life.

How could you not be looking forward to these two people getting hitched?

Saif Ali Khan’s mother Sharmila Tagore is gorgeous. Not that we are personally acquainted (yet), but from the very first time I saw her in Waqt (1965) she’s been on my list of wonderful women. And so, back when I was five and mum casually mentioned we were heading to see her son in a live concert, I think I may have skipped several heartbeats and caught a few breaths.

This was also one of a string of concerts where the Saif/Amrita Singh marriage was made public. I don’t remember exactly, but he dragged her onto stage (dressed in a lovely gold and multi-coloured ghagra) in response to a question about true love. Or so my mum tells the story and I have pieced it together from repeated re-tellings and my five-year old memories.

Kareena on the other hand, I remember her debut film, Refugee (2000) it was one of those Indian film lovers the world over had held their breath for. I’d been newly introduced to the internet the year before and news articles on the Bachchan boy and Kapoor gal were pretty much in every film magazine, newspaper and daily at the time.

I liked Miss Kapoor in Refugee. Her character Naaz, was innocent yet fierce and she had something that made you believe she was madly in love with the overly self-righteous Refugee. (If you haven’t seen the film, Bachchan Jr is Refugee by name and station).

And now. That the wedding has occurred, I’m happy for them. Their acting careers aside, in any interview that I have seen they seem to compliment each other as people, as partners. And as someone with an opinion on most things, I approve. And wish them all the best.


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