After the honeymoon

I don’t like where the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon storyline is heading.

It’s actually become quite a sore point with me, I’ve even stopped watching it daily which is big considering I didn’t miss any episodes even while I was on holiday.

Sheetal has arrived on our screens, she’s brought with her a mini Arnav (named Aarav) who quite obvious to all is either Arnav’s illegitimate son or a darn god copy of him.

Frankly, the title translates to ‘what name do we give this love?’ But its become more of how do we gain TRPs to keep the show running. Half the cast has quit and then stayed on at least half a dozen times, the main issues have been resolved but large chunks of story that had great potential are still not mentioned.

For example Khushi’s father suffered a paralysis attack due to Shaym, yet when he was exposed, the father track wasn’t even mentioned. We haven’t seen Khushi’s family in a long while and that entire track seems to have been forgotten. Shaym has disappeared, it would appear to prison. But surely his character should be redeemed in some way? Especially since the last episode with him suggested at a potential mental track ahead?

Are Sheetal and Aarav merely a false bottom? Will Aaarav’s father be someone completely different to Arnav? Will Shaym return? Where is Dadi? Where is Khushi’s family?

It’s very frustrating watching a show that has so many open plot lines, but its choosing to head down a completely new direction.

The honeymoon – thank you Star Plus for the image


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