Once upon a time

Finally finished the first season of Once Upon a Time today and can honestly say the entire journey was fantastic.

A child who has grown up with fairy tales ill rarely find fault with the retellings, provided no horrendous distortion is done to the stories or characters. A little imagination is fantastic but I am in favor of maintaining the morals and the base ideas in the original tale. Call me old-fashioned but that’s just how I role.

Once Upon a Time has no doubt been covered by all seeing as it came out last year, I am a little slow this year.
Just a few favourites I must mention –

Rumplestiltskin: Is this man not the best character ever? I love the re-imagining not just because its unique but because he is someone you can empathize with, be furious at and cry buckets for. I particularly love his double role as the Beast for Belle. Great storytelling right there.

Emma: Every story needs a savior and who better then the daughter of our true lovers. She is such a great human point of view. At some instances I did find myself wondering if poor Henry hadn’t dreamed it all up and perhaps we should be consulting a better psychiatrist than Archie.

Honorable mentions go to Prince Charming for being so positively naive, The Evil Queen for having an almost-heart melting story and for her perseverance in wanting Henry. Henry for having such immense faith and such a non-wavering attitude towards his goals – he wins the top spot on my ’10 year olds who inspire’ list.


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