Breathing new life

Star Plus is the big-daddy channel of several offshoots, one being Star One which was re-branded late last year / early this year into Like OK. This included an overhaul of all its original shows (they ended) and the USP which was youth targeted is now more inclined to showcase unique and innovative shows. In my humble opinion this was a brilliant move by the folk at Star.

Sanaya Irani as Gunjan in Miley Jab Hum Tum

Dil Mil Gaye, Miley Jab Hum Tum, Odhani, Geet and Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahaani were among the hit shows broadcast on Star One. Each was a love story at its core aimed at the youth market with its own style. Of note is that 90% of the actors from these shows have gone onto star on the mainstream channels. Namely – Sanaya Irani (Khushi Kumari Gupta from IPKKND on Star Plus), Karan Tacker (Viren Vadhera from Ek Hazaron Mein on Star Plus), Vivian Dsena (RK from Madhubala on Colors), Drashti Dhami (Madhubala on Colors), Sukirti Khandpal (Rab se sona ishq on Zee TV), Rati Pandey (Hitler Didi on Zee TV) and I really could go on for a while but you see my point. Completely separate piece of information is that two star jodi’s were made on these ye olde Star One shows as well, Sanaya Irani and current boyfrient Mohit Sehgal were costars on Miley Jab Hum Tum and Vivian Dsena fell for his costar’s sister (only on the show) Vahbiz Dorabjee on the sets of Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahaani, India’s first modern day vampire tale.

Now that Star One is Life OK, I still have only praises for this platform. It is an opportunity for writers and production houses to create an out of the saas-bahu box and give us something entertaining. And I’m happy to report that everybody who should be is making good of this opportunity. Which brings me to some of the fantastic shows on Life OKthat often get overlooked, simply because the mainstream channels grab more limelight then their younger friends.

Karanvir Bohra in Saubhagyavati Bhava?

Amrit Manthan – what started as a tale of rivalry between two sisters (princesses at that) has now gone into revenge territory. It’s unique in that the main leads are two sisters, like chalk and cheese, there was no good no evil, but now both characters are gray and meaty. Every actor on this show is a pleasure to watch, and yes while parts of the story (plastic surgery, death and cycling) may be inspired from various movies, its the combo of these entirely different ingredients that makes for fantastic storytelling.

Saubhagyavati Bhava? – Domestic violence is a touchy subject at the best of times. But to have a story based around it, right from marriage to torture, to death, to escape is novel. Not to mention Karanvir Bohra is brilliant as the abusive and arguably insane husband. Sriti Jha our battered wife deserves an Oscar for her performance. She brings a quiet but fierce determination to her role. Sympathy, support, anger she inspires it all.

Junoon – I had heard it was inspired from Ishaqzaade and the promo of the male and female leads pointing guns at each others heads does indicate so, very wrongly however. Apart from the guns and male dominated society there is nothing in common with the two stories. Junoon began airing last week and thus far promises if anything to be more like Na Ana Is Des Meri Ladoo then anything. But while the latter dealt with female infanticide, the story in Junoon appears to be more 3D then that. Give it a watch, here.

Sriti Jha in Saubhagyavati Bhava?

There has been a spate of new shows being launched left, right and center these past few weeks. This means that several old and current shows have ended or are in the process of being cancelled. I mentioned Veera on Star Plus a few posts ago, which I am pleased to report is doing well. I’m loving it and I hear the TRPs are going solidly if not on a steady rise. The story is gripping, the cast is fantastic and above all thus far it is not your run of the mill saas-bahu escapade. IPKKND is coming a close (more on this later) but I think that it is well and truly time. The magic just isn’t there anymore. Pratigya has left us, Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum also has an expiry date on it and even though there aren’t rumours, I wish Ek Hazaron Mein would say goodbye too.


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