Wash your face with orange juice

…Fix the fence with sticky tape… fry an egg on the slippery dip… If you don’t happen to know this song, hear it here. And you have my sympathies for missing out on it as a child. Fantastic bedtime song.

For almost two years now I have been a St Ives Apricot Scrub loyalist. It has granules, leaves my face feeling clean, has reduced my odd pimple to nil and it spells great. My normal skin loves having something compliment it so.

However – yes there it is – in recent weeks I have wondered if perhaps I’m not over zealously cleaning my mug too much. Off I trotted to Google and it turns out that yes, one can clean too much. Thus I’ve been on the look out for a cleanser that can compliment my St Ives beauty. One this is not a scrub, good for daily use, actually does clean your skin and not dry out and the clincher – suitable for normal skin. I am not oily, dry or sensitive so I really wish everyone would stop trying to sell me things for those issues.

Google and I went through several ‘Best of’ lists, year favourites, blogger favourites and while I really wish I have written this post while researching so I could link to everybody and article who helped, I can’t. My copious notes tell me Cetaphil’s Daily Cleanser for Normal Skin was the icing, the top most contender on nearly all lists. Clean and Clear also ranked fairly high on most lists, however I’ve found all their products dry my skin out like leather left in the sun, so no go for me I am afraid.

After having spent much of this weeks salary on Holiday gifts, I stumbled into a pharmacy today on the hunt for Cetaphil. I found the Gentle Cleanser, Sensitive Skin and Oily Cleansers in ample stock. No sign of my Normal Skin and so after much head scratching have purchased a small 125ml bottle of the Gentle Cleanser. My aim is simply to see how it feels, how my skin reacts and if it works well with the St Ives scrub. If it ticks even two of these boxes (reaction to skin is a non-negotiable) I shall do some Amazon shopping and try the Normal skin version.

So here we are, day (night) 1 of Cetaphil use. Tonight’s wash was fine, face felt clean, the cleanser isn’t sudsy like a soap, more like a weak cream that you massage on your face and wash off. Thus far, thus good.

I should add, I have super sensitive lips. Seriously, its like they should be on a whole other face. I am allergic to 90% of lipsticks out there and every lipgloss I have tried. Balms work best, but not Vaseline or Paw Paw ointment. What happens you ask? My lips dry and peel off a layer. It is bloody and painful in the literal sense, with nothing really helping bar ice – which numbs the pain but doesn’t stop the blood or peeling. The reaction of my lips to new products is also important, so far no issues. Sadly I can only tell once the dryness and peeling kicks in.


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