Minute Mentions

Veera is trapped in an old store-room while the entire town searches for her. Only this show has the ability to incite so much hatred for a teacher’s misunderstanding in punishing a little girl. Both the child actors are superb, Ranveera is one of the best Indian TV has to offer right now.

Amrit Manthan has had another leap – 7 years ahead. Nimrit and family assume Agam is dead, the family has moved into ye old palace and are riasing Agam’s daughter Baani and Tej and Shivangi’s daughter Jyoti together. Shivangi has decamped – if sources are to be believed the ever exuberant Dimple Jhangiani refuses to play a mother on screen.

Yug and Amrit have turned to doing what they do best – conning innocent folks full time in Mumbai. Amrit is happy and operating largely on the belief that Agam’s death (Amrit and Yug shot Agam and threw him into a lake) would have resulted in Numrit’s as well. Sadly for the duo, Nimrit is flourishing as a mother to the two young girls and a very successful businesswoman. Agam is also in Mumbai, saved by a young businessmen (Siddhi’s cute brother-in-law from Parichay) Vishal Saigal, after his brush with the dastardly duo, Agam has lost his memory.

There is a suggested crossing of the three different paths this week – looking forward to the drama that will no doubt unfold. This is the one show I watch purely because Rajan Shahi is brilliant at throwing dramatic punches – and coming from an Ekta Kapoor fan – this is high praise.

Pavitra Rishta which is rumored to be ending as Ankita Lokhande, our protagonist, Archana Deshmukh is leaving. The speed with which the storyline has taken off is suggesting that this rumour is correct. Purvi and Ovi’s pregnancies are coming along, however a mystery caller is threatening to reveal the true identity (Arjun) of Purvi’s baby. Onir is really milking the audience with his stellar behaviour towards one and all. Either Archana will die or some great change of character on Ovi’s part will take place – but surely Arjun and Purvi must end up together!

Madhubala deserves a mention purely for changing the tracks on a completly unsuspecting audience by revealing RK’s true kamina-pan. Turns out he was merely participating in a very elaborate charade to break Madhu completely – there was no pyar vyar and now what will Madhu do? I will be mighty disappointed if this new turn has occurred simply because RK is dying of some mystery disease and wants to spare Madhu the long term pain. Really, that would be too much of a return to Ekta Kapoor’s earlier formulas.

Stay tuned folks, before February ends I am sure there will be some serious drama taking place on all our favourite shows!


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