And the award goes to…

There have been two yearly award shows thus far in 2013. Colors Screen Awards was the first to be telecast on our TV with Zee Cine Awards not far behind it.

As a child I enjoyed awards shows because the stars interactions made them seem more three-dimensional. They were real for these few nights each year, they made bad jokes, wore some silly clothes and put on some good (and some terrible) performances.

These days, the above reasons apply however I am more keen to see if my opinion of best performances corresponds with what the award shows dole out. For those wondering, yes I do actually come up with my own ‘best of’ lists each year, but far from handing out awards, the list simply features in my Listbook.

Colors Screen Awards were a 2.5/5 with the hightlight being Neetu Kapoor’s performance with her son. Admittedly it was only 20 to 30 seconds long, yet she shines as always. Most of the other performances were alright, Ranveer Singh did well in a small tribute to the big stalwarts of the last 20 years (the Khans, Devgan and Khiladi) but other than that there was nothing too impressive. Skip this one and go straight to the next few.

Zee Cine Awards was a 3/5 for me this year. Ritesh Deshmukh and Abhishek Bachchan (his first time hosting any awards show) did a fair job. Their jokes were better then most, some of the skits were far too over the top. Their co-host Hussain Kuwajerwala (of Kum Kum fame) had the fun job of actually calling out the awards to be given – Ritesh and Abhi made their appearances and gag in between.

The awards themselves won my appreciation in giving the best debut awards to both Arjun Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurrana. I felt both deserved it and as I was disappointed at the first awards show, this pleased me greatly. Their female debut awards were also a pleasant surprise both Yami Gautam and Illeana D’cruz won, very deserving candidates. I am thrilled that the usual chocolate boy debuts (Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan) didn’t win simply because of their production house.

Side notes: Why is Sonakshi Sinha performing at every awards show? She’s popped up in the Stardust Max Awards ads flitting across my screen regularly. Less is more, dear.

Why is Ranveer Singh taking his Ramleela avtaar (SLB new venture with Deepika) so seriously? The beard and moustache are appearing at every function and within performances. Makes his teeth look ultra white.

Will Priyanka stop attending awards shows? Since her debut over 10 years ago I can’t remember ever not seeing her at an awards function. Wow. Talk about taking a holiday. Even SRK skips a few every year.

And finally, why do brands insist on bastardizing classic awards shows? ‘Colors’ Screen Awards? ‘Idea’ Filmfare? Why? They would carry far more weight if how easily they are bought wasn’t showcased. I’m still divided on award purchasing, however if the branding continues, it’ll be hard to not believe all the rumours.


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