Hiding from the gardner

Currently, I am huddled over Lyra (my’09 MacBook) while sitting behind the couch on the floor to avoid conversation with our gardner. I have nothing against him, have actually never met him but conversation is not my strong point today. Or on my days off generally.

To avoid said introductions and pointlessly polite small talk, I have chosen cowardly hiding as my course of action. This reflects more than poorly on my character. But seeing as I spent all of last year being brave, this year I am allowing myself to be the lion and mouse in turns.

A bout of reminiscing kicked in last Thursday. Valentines Day last year was spent in the company of my friend Jen. We were traveling around Europe together and were in Verona (the infamous city of Romeo and Juliet) on that most annoying of days. We had fun spending lots of money we couldn’t afford during the day and in the evening trekked back to our beds for the night in an icy cold monastery.

The monastery was true to its ye olde traditions and believed strongly in cold showers, cold beds, no heating and thin blankets. We laughed much at our misfortunes and went onto attempt escaping quickly in the morning. Alas, there were giant bowls of bitter coffee in our fate accompanied by rock-like pieces of bread, before our departure.

It will be a Valentines to remember for eons.


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