Alanna, Lady Knight.

The Quartet

The Quartet

If you need a pick me up, read Alanna: The First Adventure. I can guarantee that 9 out of 10 of you will pick up the second book. The stories and especially Alanna has amazing pull, there aren’t many tales where every book packs a punch, but The Song of the Lioness series is one of those rare finds.

In the fictional world of Tortall Alanna of Trebond and her twin brother Thom of Trebond are as unalike as possible. She wants to be a knight, fight evil, save the kingdom from everything; he wants to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world. They both possess a little of the Gift (magical prowess) but while Thom is keen to pursue his powers, Alanna is happy to ignore them and focus on a knighthood. Trouble is, women don’t become knights in Tortall. Alanna is to be sent to the convent to learn sorcery and skills needed in a household. Thom is to be sent to Tortall’s main city to become a knight.

Teenagers and adults alike will enjoy these books, I would be furthering stereotype if I said women may like it more – but the male characters in this book are just as exciting and multidimensional as Alanna. Her adventures begin in Tortall as an undercover pageboy, from here it’s a battle to protect her identity and win her knighthood on merit.


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