Finding time

Last night was my first night back at uni after a hiatus of 1.5 years. I’ll never stop being surprised at how comfortable learning feels. I was apprehensive and excited before it and to tell the truth, still feel this way. I’ve got two more classes – for the same subject but divided over Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Only doing two subjects this semester but I thought it best to ease back in. Hopefully a full time job comes along and allows me to do both simultaneously.

Coming home after the lecture I realized my routines would change, no more Monday night runs (not that these were all that frequent anyhow) for one. I’ll have to find time to do the things I need to do to work towards goals.

While watching Downton Abbey last night, post my lecture, I realized it is possible to do several things at once and do each well. It is the latter that I’ve spent my life compromising on. But last night, I submitted applications, ate dinner and watched the show without compromising on any task. Admittedly I wasn’t solving the issue of world wars, but still, an achievement of sorts for me.

Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of Downton Abbey – I had only seen a few of the first season’s and not in any order. Mr Bates is still my favourite character, so incredibly dignified in the face of adversity. The daughters of the manor are clearly complicated and in this first episode, unlikeable. I really enjoy the scenes with Daisy, the lowest rung of maid. Everyone else is still growing on me.

Today, I am watching the next three episodes of season one, job hunting and preparing a series of blogs for this week.


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