This is *almost* worth it

He’s So Not Worth It was a mixed bagged. The story was not at all positive, nor was the meaning clear until the very end. It was a confusing novel, mainly because the characters were mixed in their feelings.

The story is fairly stagnant, Ally’s mum and her new boyfriend move to the shore for the summer and Ally goes along. Largely due to several misunderstandings on her part regarding her father and Jake, Ally decides a summer with her old friends won’t be so bad. Unfortunately, most of her old friends stay behind in town, due to the fall out from Sharon’s party. All except Sharon and her mother who end up sharing the house with Ally and co.

The setting has potential at first, however ally’s friendship with the locals, her downward spiral towards delinquency and her constant selfish whining grows old really quickly. I kept reading hoping things would improve. Sadly, they don’t as Jake, our other voice, is equally as depressing and far more whiny then Ally. His constant ‘do I or don’t I’ towards Ally is simply annoying.

I disliked that the characters didn’t seem to grow. Jake and Ally were disappointingly worse off then in the first novel, in Ally’s case she deteriorates as her need for attention grows exponentially.

The ending is… expected. Jake swoops in saves Ally and they reconcile. We are left to wonder how the couple will cope with the news that Jake is the father of Ally’s ex-best friend’s baby. 2.5stars

This Is So Not Happening is a better book. The characters – all of them not just Ally and Jake – receive more depth. Moreso than the last book at least, the people surrounding our lead pair grow and begin to be a little less two dimensional. The story is your typical end of the trilogy installment where all problems are resolved and everybody lives happily ever after.

The story of how they reach their happy ending is actually very well constructed. The endless complications, red herrings and people changing colours resonates very much like a Meg Cabot book. The characters more or less redeem themselves and friends become friends once more. 4stars

The trilogy reaches a tidy conclusion and in my humble opinion the first and third novels make up for the second. Overall, I would give the trilogy 3.5stars for having a good beginning and a clean and interesting conclusion. The second book could have been much better, on all counts from characterization to story.


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