This week’s top seven

I have been largely absent this month, there has been the flu, my endless renovations and several shows to catch up on. But! Here we have this week’s top seven shows on Indian TV and if you’re in a hurry to find out what’s coming soon, stay tuned for the next post.

7. Qubool Hai
The drama on this show never fails to unimpress. This week Zoya and Asad were joined by Tazneem, Asad’s childhood friend (cum sweetheart?). Much like the plot line the love stories have gone from being a square to a pentagon. Asad likes Zoya who seemingly likes him too, but then Asad’s younger half brother Ayaan has also seen (once or twice) Zoya’s beauty and the audience is to assume that there will be a love triangle amongst them. There is also Humaira (whose mother is the antagonist) who is in love with Ayaan and now with the arrival of Tazneem, the khichdi is well and truly spiced. Seven because the writers’ attempts to gain TRPs deserves a mention.

6. Balika Vadhu
Toral Rasputra as Anandi has not won many accolades or hearts as was hoped by the creators. The story has been quite stagnant in the last few weeks with a love declaration hinted at repeatedly but not occurring perhaps to bring in Toral with a bang. The writers need to go back to their original content and non stylized method of directing

5. Uttaran
Number five is actually quite good for these lasses as their story should really be under several lawsuits from the owners of Balaji. Every twist and turn is heavily borrowed from what we have seen before, what has worked upteen times before through the use of fresh faces. Tapasya getting shot was nothing too exciting. If she lives on we’ll see more high voltage drama, if she dies post the rhona dhona we’ll see someone out for vengeance while Meethi continues of her saas bahu saga in a Laddoo esque environment. Fans will be enthralled I am sure.

4. Madhubala
RK’s return to his evil self hasn’t been as fulfilling as it could have been. Madhu’s rise to self sufficiency isn’t going as well or quickly as audiences had hoped. The problem with this story’s concept is the unnecessary side tracks the writers invoke to stretch the ‘hum hai deewane, tere deewane‘ sequences between the ex-couple. Introducing our second hero is a step in the right direction but until the story sees a return to the high drama we expect, don’t see these guys moving up in my ranks.

3. Pavitra Rishta
The coma induced state of Archana has been long overdue. Her character has had its last hurrah and her rishta with Manav is at a very stagnant point. It was merely a backdrop for the more exciting equation between Arjun, Purvi, Ovi and Onir. Third place this week because while the attempt to come out of a ditch is sincere, there are still threads to tighten before we get to the meaty parts.

2. Kya Hua Tera Vaada
Mona and her children have been on a steady upward spiral this month. The intense drama has given way to a slightly more laid back approach of narrating their story. Mona is finally asserting herself and her children are becoming more three-dimensional. This show is finally becoming a must watch for all Jassi fans.

1. Veer ki Ardaas Veera
Number one. This week and the last few this show has been ranked one because the concept and execution are fantastically natural. The children are great actors and the cast surrounding them does a brilliant job in keeping the characters and story progressing at a gradual level that isn’t trying to shoot its audience scores up, but telling a genuine story. 5stars this week.


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