Belated Affairs

March was a good month for reading and beginning university but a terrible month for gaining jobs and writing regular blog posts.

Ah well, as readers you have no doubt grown accustomed to this sad state of affairs and as the writer all I have are updates and apologies, in that order. Foremost the reading pile is getting smaller! With the addition of only four books and the reading of five… we are down one amongst our number. Not great, but of significance.

Easter has come and gone, may you all be well rested and ready for the rest of term, semester or tenure till the next public holiday is upon us.

More and more people are turning 50 this year. My mother dear has kicked of the trend last July and all her friends are following suit since. This means many 50th birthday parties for me to attend and much notes to be made of what not to do at my mother’s next birthday bash.

Rule #1
Do not invite children. They are loud, obnoxious and lurch wildly all over the place, between tables, behind chairs and in corners with drinks in their hand. Potential threat to the expensive outfits worn by guests.

Rule #2
Make sure dinner is served before 10pm or most people will begin fainting from hunger and food will consequently go to waste.

Rule #3
People who do not follow the dress code should sent back home to change and reappear in the appropriate attire. Themes are created and written on the card for a reason; the aim is to set atmosphere. Rocking up in the wrong clothes ruins the ambiance for all.

This list will grow no doubt as people continue to celebrate their aging.

Apologies for my absence in the latter part of March, here’s hoping April goes better 😉



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