Mentally, I’ve been writing blog posts for several weeks (and even more days) but it has been, two months, 17 days and possibly 5 hours since my last post.

So much has happened, where does one begin. Yesterday Kris embarked on her 5 month adventure in the US. She’ll be teaching drama at a camp in Vermont – exciting, yes – and then trekking through the country with a camping tour. It’s the opportunity most people would love to have and I am thrilled for her. Technology makes it so easy to stay in touch, I’ve been enjoying the uses of Viber since yesterday, but distance is still a place far, far away. And I miss my best friend.

That’s another thing. What does that term ‘best-friend’ even mean? In the second grade, it was the people who played with you at lunch-time. In high school, it was the ones who stood with you against the bullies. Now in my 20s, it is the person who has been there. Not always physically but always the first one I speed dial when something happens. It’s the people I think of first when I need to vent. The people who call me when they’ve seen a cute boy. The people who you can make dirty, disgusting jokes with and not judge one another. It’s the ones that count. And that you can count on.

My state of unemployment has done a u-turn and now I earn a fortnightly wage and leave the house before dawn in the morning like the rest of my fellow working class folk. I’m coordinating production at one of Australia’s biggest magazine producers and enjoying it. Almost everyone I work with is within my age group which is interesting to say the least. I’ve made friends and frenemies, a terrible term that I must improve upon.

Last semester was a surprise. Pleasant in the content – radio and TV are forms of journalism I am unfamiliar with. However the teachers proved that one can be master of their field but not necessarily a master at explaining or introducing it to others. My marks were half way decent. I have a major project in mind, more on this later and the semester is thankfully over and with it the last of the core subjects. Core units are a nightmare that shouldn’t be inflicted at any higher level of education.

I’ll come back this evening with a weight update – some good and some bad on that score too. This is all for now folks, sorry to be tardy but happy to be back.

And with a vengeance.


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