They did it.

Not only did Madhu forgo her revenge plan, she married the conceited and arrogant RK. There was an allusion to their marriage being consummated, but my bone of contention is simply that she shouldn’t have married him. No two ways, he has proved time and again that he is an ass and there was no redemption of his personal character throughout the entire Madhu-takes-revenge sequence. Then, how exactly do the writers justify her marrying him? Oh the obvious one is being that she’s so much in love that she can forgive him all his flaws – but the man himself is not lovable. Maybe good looking, but not an attractive human being.

The big revelation this week was that Sultan aka Madhu’s unrequited suitor, is RK’s older brother. Mohan Kundra was an ass much like his younger spawn and treated his first wife and child abominably. Big surprise. The only reason I continued watching through the whole over the top wedding sequences were the scenes between Sultan (who will no doubt be revealed to have a name beginning with R) and his grief stricken / crazy mother, Meera.


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