Stephanie Plum #1


One for the Money was one of two firsts some weeks ago – my introduction to bounty hunter cum average woman Stephanie Plum and it was the first week I was entering the slew of worker bees.

The dialogue crackles of the page – even if it is slightly dated – the puns and below-the-belt wit still ring true in many cases. I was laughing loudly on the train much to the chagrin of my fellow passengers at many of the situations Stephanie finds herself in.

It was refreshing to read about a woman entering a fresh new profession and sucking at it. As someone who was in a similar boat perhaps, I found her misdemeanors and well intentioned screw-ups comforting. And my pet hate – romancing the female lead – although within the novel, it wasn’t interfering with the plot, rather it formed the crux of several issues and didn’t end in a romantic entanglement but a humorous situation.

I enjoyed the scenes between Morelli and Stephanie but I was thrilled that she didn’t simply fall to her knees and let him have his way. Despite bumbling her way through the investigation, she was resourceful, asked for help and tried her best.

Loved it.


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