Madhu’s bad behaviour

Must say Madhu is hardly redeeming herself in the last few weeks – not to mention past and current track. I can’t decide who is a more disgusting character, Madhu or RK? Why are the TRPs of this show not dropping more drastically? 1044034_204011429755878_1612729286_n

Let me recap for the uninitiated. Madhu and RK are married, she is oblivious to his mean, manipulative and arrogant personality; he continues onwards in his glassed ego that reflects only the best in himself and the worst in all others. Sultan and his mother have yet to be accepted (note, I am a few weeks behind) RK continues to manipulate situations wherein Sultan appears to be wrong and demanding in his fight for mommy dearest’s respect.

Moving into the RK mansion (built on land belonging to the belated Mohan Kundra) with Meera is step one in gaining their rights back.

However redeeming the lead characters of Madhu and RK will take much more work. What makes them appealing? Is it simply their looks? Most certainly cannot be their life choices considering Madhu chose to ignore, not to mention uninvite her mother and family to her wedding. Her list of crimes grows as she is a terrible role model for any woman in an abusive relationship. What does Madhu teach us? Put up with it, leave the house a few times, let him force you back and if makes an egotistical public gesture then all his public humiliations of you may be forgiven. Yep, great stuff right there.

And RK. Where does one begin? He embodies all the flaws credited to public figures and actors – the complete self obsession is amazing. Even his affection (ahem) for Madhu and his family is peppered with cruel jokes, snide remarks and nasty one-liners.

Bad behaviour all round.

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