This week’s top 5


Of all the shows I’m watching at the moment, only Qubool Hai and Amrit Manthan are holding my undivided attention. Veera is coming along but is plagued by too many side tracks and a lack of forthcoming information from Nihal. Several have ended or are scheduled to end and there have been a slew of new shows on all the channels. Phew! Where does one begin.

5. Pavitra Rishta
I have returned to this show! After many months of being disgusted with the triangle / rectangle love stories, repeated deaths and expected sibling rivalry I had given up on this show. It struck me that Ekta Kapoor had decided to use all her best tools in this one show – all those tools that have worked so well for her in the past she has mixed and applied to PR in a bid to get the ratings soaring. Which I suppose works on one level, but on another its extremely annoying. Part of the initial draw for PR was its difference to previous Balaji serials.

I have returned largely because Ovi has left. And I’m hoping that before they do another leap the Arjun-Purvi thing will be resolved.

4. Madhubala
Between this and PR its a tough competition for last place. The leads are frustrating and the storyline is incredibly slow. However the one element maintaining my interest is Sultan’s insistence on gaining equal recognition for Meera. Purely watching to see how this shapes up. Madhu and RK are entirely overrated at the moment and hold no great draw for me.

3. Veera
Nihal’s disclosure of his alleged crime against the family are to be revealed this week, at least to one member of the family if not more. Which raises interest however the side stories of Bansuri having a crush on Nihal and Kartar playing dirty tricks on his wife are getting old now. The writers need to get on with it and pull us through this lull in the story. It’s only the second lull (the first was the epically long runaway sequence) in a good show, so my loyalties are maintained.

2. Qubool Hai
The twists keep coming and I am hooked. Not officially a watcher in the beginning and not a loyal fan but I am keen to see what happens to Zoya. Asad is another male lead that drives me nuts with how obtuse he can be. However he is a far better character then RK and so this show ranks well above that on its annoyance levels. Zoya’s character has brilliant dialogues and when she rhymes (at times she reminds me of me!) you can’t help but laugh. Looking forward to their milap and future nokh-jhoks.

1. Amrit Manthan
My favourite show is ending. The twists and turns are bringing the show to a solid ending which is all I expect from a Rajan Shahi show. Unlike Bidaai which was brilliant until the leap portion – Amrit Manthan has managed to maintain its momentum and its galloping towards an eyeopening finish. If you haven’t yet seen this show, start watching at episode 1 and clear the weekend to get through it. It comes to an end on July 26.

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