Tis the season to be sick


What is it about winter that prompts illness?

I was minding my business at work, plodding along, dressing warmly, carrying an umbrella and importantly eating enough vitamins in order to not fall prey to the god awful gifts that cold weather brings with it. I have failed rather miserably.

Absolutely at a loss to how it happened, however there is now a virus sharing my body space. My boss was sick late last week but she very kindly took her friend and went home early…how on earth did it manifest a twin within my system then?

We could lay blame on the weather, cold, rainy and damp as it has been. Perhaps my travel on public transport? Fellow travelers are hardly pictures of health, more than one cold soul coughs and splutters their way to-and-fro work.

So now we have a sick day, recuperation and soup. Generally in that order, peppered with vomit, coughing, chills, shivers and cups of tea.


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