Qubool nahin hai

At least, not this month.

Zoya and Asad fans all over let out a huge angst filled sigh when Tanveer succeeded in her evil notions and managed to get a naked Asad in bed with her. A second wail could be heard around the world when Zoya witnessed the semi-nudeness along with shocked viewers. Needless to say, the wedding is off.

safe_image-82373Asad is an idiot with trust issues. Zoya’s only been trying to tell him for weeks that Tanu is evil incarnate. But no, Asad knows best and his best-friend would never plot against him or anyone else, she’s an angel. Yes, when dogs meow.

Rumour has it, Tanu will find Zoya (who has decamped to an orphanage post the wedding debacle) minutes before Asad and proceed either push her off a conveniently placed cliff or have her concealed behind a wall, in an attempt to suffocate her. Tanu’s true colours will finally be revealed and Asad will go on to save Zoya and throw out Tanveer. Viewers around the world will rejoice.

I’m actually quite keen to see a romance develop between the lovely and trusting Humaira and the idiotic Ayaan. Humaira will return in the guise of a Hindu woman – I’m taking bets on memory loss vs. discovering her mother’s true colours and returning to expose them. Sincerely hoping its the latter, about time Raziya had her comeuppance delivered.

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