Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6

We’re only five episodes in but the shocks just keep on coming this season. The stars are… an odd bunch. Some are a pleasant surprise, others I reserve my opinion on till further notice. This evening, we’re faced with the possible entry of three to four new celebs, this early in the game it’s actually quite surprising. Does make me wonder whether these surprises have to do with raising TRPs or to make the show more interesting – perhaps both?

Whatever the reason, it would be refreshing to watch an episode where the contestants aren’t facing a challenge, but simply allowed to dance in whatever style they wish. Yes, in four weeks, this hasn’t actually happened at all, unless you count their introductory performances, which mean next to nothing.

Eliminations have been interesting, both the process and the people facing departure from the dance floor.
The early contestants, the comedian and cricketer did deserve to go – but Meghna Malik and Ekta Kaul certainly didn’t. Siddharth Shukla seems to be heading the way of Gurmeet Chaudhary from last season – he is in the competition thanks to silly females who vote for men based on their looks and not their actually dancing capabilities or growth. I thought it was incredibly unfair that good dancers were overlooked because the audience voting at home was partial to a character played by one of the contestants.

Perhaps others felt the same because this time round, the bottom two contestants (as voted by the audience) dance off for the judges who then get to choose the more deserving candidate to remain. Slightly fairer but it still allows the audience to determine the bottom two which may not be as good an idea further down the track.1055016f8947365a8f1f1ae8979fc99d

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