Happy birthday Miz Donath


She is my best friend. My rock. A kind, intelligent and considerate human being. But above all she’s the bravest person I know.

Dumbledore said it well, courage comes in all forms and sometimes the hardest thing of all is to stand up to our friends. I feel the hardest courage of all is to find strength within ourselves to do the things that scare us most of all.

And Miz Donath is doing that and much more. Off alone on an adventure that many a stronger heart would have thought twice about, she’s holding herself together and cheering her people back home onwards and upwards. It’s this never ending spirit that makes her special.

Or is it perhaps her ability to find humour in even the worst of situations? That, is definitely a skill worth taking note of, especially when the world of mailers refuse to get her name right. Is it Krisaten or Kritan? Or everyone’s favourite, Cretin? Which, as she pointed out is a term used for insulting people, not for naming.

Whatever the name Cretin, you are one of the most amazing people I know. Brilliant. Caring. Funny. Lovely. My best friend.

Happy birthday and awkward back pats to you, Miz Donath.


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