Stephanie Plum 2 & 3

I read the first of these and loved it – I’m sure the gushing was heard all over the Southern hemisphere. The second and third were… more of the same on a lesser level.

The laughs are there, the character grows but the story seems to be a repeat of the first on a more watered down level. I have heard that these books are much like the Dark-Hunter series which weren’t the best written books when they started.

However, as they progressed the quality of the story and the intricacies developed into this amazing story arc that I can’t stop reading. So if you’re a skeptic, of either of these series’, keep reading and perhaps you’ll be surprised. Otherwise, head to your nearest bookstore and get a copy of Storm Front by Jim Butcher which is a great read and the start to a well written series.

As for Plum – she is getting wiser and I did find myself enjoying her struggles in the bounty hunting business. The villains and heroes are becoming more predictable and that isn’t a pro. I’ve got the fourth one on my bedside table and it is on the to-read list, however I’m not losing any sleep over it.

Word to the wise – if you hate waiting after cliff hangers, always have the next Plum book ready to go.



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