Promo – Koffee with Karan

I am a fan of this show. It’s hard not to be whether you like Karan Johar or not. I’m on the fence regarding this one. He is an okay director, very good at the formulaic, but when it comes to this show, it’s his interviewing skills and stance as a host that is worth noting. During the first three seasons, I could see him develop a style and manner of questioning. This fourth season will be interesting, as Karan has really come into his own as a public personality in the interim years between season 3 and season 4 of KWK. He has style now and a definite command of the television screen and some of its audience. There were the many reality shows that he has been associated with – Jhalak and India’s Got Talent are two that I’ve seen a few episodes of but there were no doubt other appearances made and shows visited.

The earlier seasons saw a slew of celebrities – mostly friends, family friends of the Johars’ stepping in to give the director turned interviewer a step up – SRK visited twice in one season if I remember correctly. This is all well but as a moviegoer I’d prefer new faces and definitely some of the people Karan isn’t personally associated with.

When the news of KWK was confirmed, I was excited. When the promos aired, I was horrified. I’ve attached it below, but what on Earth were the producers and Karan thinking. Obviously not too much. It is tacky, over the top and the choreography and playback leave much to be desired. What is an attempt at a boradwayesque promo is actually quite crass and doesn’t do much for new viewers as the thought of Karan between scantily clad women does nothing for any prospective audience. Needless to say, a downer.

Let’s hope the guests and interviews make up for it – or we’ll be left with the usual where Karan interviews his friends and the rest of the film industry is ignored or labelled too down market for a man who portrays himself as being from the upper regions of society.


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