End of an era

I finished up at my place of employ last week. It was a change brought on by me, I’ve been taken on by a company that does events and event mags. My first day at the new place is tomorrow. Monday morning jitters!

I’ll be in a similar role to the prior, producing the trade mags; but this time I get to write more and participate in events too. It’s exciting.

Then why was I so terribly sad all of last week? Perhaps because the people at my old place of work were lovely and I’d finally cracked all of them to the point where we were friends. I’ll miss them all very much, but this new job at E2 (not actual name) is stilly sounding like a good next step. And it’s an incentive to keep the good friends I’ve made but move on with a new role in a new place.

I don’t have a five year plan. Or a 10 year plan or even a two year plan. I’m just looking to be challenged and appreciated in a fresh environment with fresh goals. I’d like to be writing on the side as a freelancer of varying degrees of articles. But apart from that once my degree ends in three weeks, I’m all for working hard and teaching myself new things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Who knows, maybe the violin, maybe a new language, maybe even a second masters degree.

Here’s to new beginnings with old friends in tow.


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