There is only so much anyone can do until resentment rears its ugly head. I’m sure you all know what I mean. It’s that minute in the supermarket when you realize your kids are little satanic devils compared to the two in front of you obediently holding hands and walking quietly beside their parent. It’s that moment where you want what you don’t have, just for a split second but it’s there.

It’s that boy in front of you who gets an A+ despite handing his assignment in two weeks late, it’s the girl who always knows the right answers, it’s that boyfriend who buys flowers every Friday for his partner; it’s that parent that was there for every minor achievement their child made. Resentment. It’s all around me. The saddest part is most days we resent the very people we should be looking up to. Or trying to emulate or appreciating their generosity or any one of those kind thoughts that we so fleetingly don’t have.

Next time you feel the capital R rearing it’s dejected head, breathe in, let it out and continue on. After all if some of us didn’t struggle or master the mediocre, then how would those others stand out.


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