The new job

Is not at all what I was expecting. The people are… of a wider variety then what I had at Ye Old Hell. There are more names to remember, more toes to step on and many more events to attend. This is after all, the world of a corporational giant that exists on most continents around the world. I’m in one of the more mainstream portfolios – that of arts, craft and creativity. Wholesalers who create homewares, gifts and that like are the people who exhibit through us. I work on the guide that accompanies each trade fair.

It is not what I expected. Am I disappointed? In a way yes, but I think I will be until the day someone pays me to write in my pjs in the comfort of my lounge. So what will I do with this opportunity? What any practical person should do – work hard at the job, not expect too much other then a decent paycheck and write, write, write in my spare time so the dream of working from the couch isn’t too far away.

So far it’s been a few weeks of incessesantly reading a slightly outdated manual, learning the art of spreadsheets and doffing my hat to the odd customer. Nothing exciting, nothing like reporting on a safari in Africa. But it’s also not my old ob – so a definite plus there already.

Anyone else ventured into a new job recently? How is it going for you?

Roze knows, new jobs are hardest in their first six weeks.


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