Cold Days – The Dresden Files

It was around 2003 when I first stumbled upon the Harry Dresden book. Chicago’s local wizard + PI won me over almost instantly and now over 10 years later, our relationship is going strong. If you haven’t read them but enjoy fantasy novels, pick up a copy of Storm Front when you can and let the humour of Harry wash over you. A friend once commented that it must be like Harry Potter for adults – it is on a very base level; the protagonists share the same first name – apart from that the two worlds are like fish and birds.

Harry is in his late 20s when we meet him and he ages in every book, rumour is about 20 books planned with three to round out the series at the end. Harry has a hero complex, yet he’s a learner. He’s young by wizard standards and his methods are questionable by human standards when we first meet him – but he’s a good sort and the cast of characters accompanying him only add to the story that grows and expands with each book.

Have a read, or if you’ve read it, drop me a line and tell me what you think. He’s up there in my favourite 10 characters. Jim Butcher has done a fantastic job in bringing the entire Dresdenverse to life. There was a short lived TV series (I didn’t watch it for fear of ruining the mental images the text brings to life) and audio books narrated by the gorgeous James Masters (Spike anyone?). It’s on my list of things to purchase, the Dresden Files audiobooks, if only to hear a man I’ve lusted after get inside Harry’s subconscious. Interesting stuff right there.

Cold Days is the book I’m up to (always one behind so I have something more to read) there is Skin Game in my future. About four years and four books back, Butcher copped a bit of flack for becoming repetitive. In the last four books he’s managed to turn everything around and bring new life into a series that was great; it is now mind-blowing. The twists will keep you going, but when you get to Changes, your world will do an 80 degree turn and rain glitter down on you with what happens.

Book one, Storm Front can be found in all respectable bookstores.

Update: Since writing this post, I have finished Cold Days and yes, I would still recommend the book. It packed quite the punch and there is a lot of room for the story to be continued. As a reader – it’s the story and characters that I watch for. Pacing has never bothered me much, I’m known to stick through even the slower things, however none of the last six or so novels in this series are slow paced, rather you find quite a momentum building as you head towards its rather odd conclusion. Odd isn’t a bad thing, merely different and unexpected to where I thought the story was going.

Like any series – eventually you know how the author works and it becomes difficult I think for any good writer who is successful with a formula to break through that. I think Jim Butcher does it quite well with both Ghost Story and Cold Days. Really looking forward to reading Skin Game soon.


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