Writing advice

Should always be taken with a grain of salt, in my humble opinion. If individuality is the order of our times then why should someone else dictate what is good or bad writing? Maybe because some basic rules should be followed such as those of spelling and grammar. I’ve always thought that if you need someone to teach you how to write (apart from the basics of language and communication) then perhaps you aren’t quite ready to be a writer. This I say as I pause between comparing courses I should potentially do. But that is my way, I enjoy learning and so am on the prowl for a new degree to do – this was my last semester of my Masters in Journalism. Lately, I’ve been looking for literature, history and creative writing degrees with potential for me to explore.

What I’ve realised is, no I shouldn’t be doing a course to write, I should simply begin writing. Develpoing my own characters and story and seeing where that takes me. All while following the basic principles of language no doubt. History, I might just enjoy browsing bookstores and reading up on whatever era takes my fancy. Literature is much the same, my to-read list is quite epic and while I’ve made a slight dent, it is in no way complete yet.

Have a read of this if you’re a budding writer looking for some simple dos and don’ts. All the best! And don’t let anyone talk you into or out of your own choices.


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