The Great Spring Clean

It’s that time of the year again. The flowers are bright, the air is crisp and the deep breaths are more plentiful. It’s also the beginning of warm weather, sparser clothing and an all round clean up of our lifestyles, desks, closets and the living space. I’ve started off my spring clean with a clean out of my Goodreads account. It’s a form of social media I signed up to and forgot after its inception. But! I will try and do better by it. I see the use of it and have many a time looked up a book to see if others think it is a worthwhile pursuit. Sometimes just to spite them I’ll read the book and more often than not, I have been pleasantly surprised.

Just past my birthday I ventured over to Dymocks and bought some $300 worth of books, some fresh finds, others that have lingered on to-read lists for years. I’ve now read about 6.5 of the original 17 purchased; adding the 3 I received for my birthday, it was a total of 20, plus the 5 left over from earlier this year made 25 books to read. Deciding the pile deserved a name, I have dubbed it the September 17, regardless of the fact that it is not the total number. Have a look at the September 17 category for any news on these books, the reviews will trickle through starting tomorrow.

I could afford to be extravagant at Dymocks due to their rather well done marketing campaign from earlier this year. Gold members. Dymocks introduced the Gold member opportunity earlier this year, I imagine as an attempt to revamp and re-encourage interest among their Booklover program. I am a card carrying member of the Booklover society (rather dull lot that we are), it involved handing over your card at payment time and accurring points to be redeemed at a later purchase. I like it. With the amount of books I buy, sometimes I’ve managed to get a few books for half the price and so see and experience the benefits of this program quite regularly. The Gold opportunity was one that I had to be a part of.

Basically, any Booklover can be a Gold member provided they spend over $650 in-store over the course of a calendar year. Pfft. Easy. I am only about $150 away from being a full fledged Gold member and heaven help the people who stand anywhere in my way. Yes, I have considered psychiatric help, but honestly, the damn Gold program does have its merits. Apart from a shiny new card, it does come with a bonus 7 points per dollar spent, that’s 2 more then I currently get for spending my money there. And Dymocks will no doubt send me a fancy catalogue every now and then with offers to double the points if books are bought over a certain weekend.

What can I say, I’m a marketing person’s dream.

How could I not?

How could I not?


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