Dinner, dining and diets

Some of you might remember my somewhat quiet foray into changing my body and lifestyle some months ago. First, an update. I didn’t lose any addition weight from that point on. Maintained it at 81.5kgs and just in the last few weeks I’ve gained 6 kilos. Sigh. Ah well, no one said it would be easy. And if I expect to go on then I have to go on too. SO here’s round two of low carbing and exercise. This time I have a trip coming up. December 12 is the big day, when I’d like to be 75kgs. This morning I weighed in at 88kgs, my heaviest in my 27 years. But I’m determined. I figure if it worked the first time, there’s no reason for it not to work the second time.

Why did I fail? Because I found excuses. I was sick, I had a cold, I ate some popcorn at the movies, had some ice cream for 3 consecutive weeks every night, the list is endless. Anyone who has struggled with losing weight and gaining control of their body will understand. You can always find an excuse, the key is to find the motivation to try again and again until you develop good habits and in my case, until I learn moderation. On a positive note, there are many habits I developed in round one that I haven’t let go of and I won’t need to develop again. No sugar in my tea or coffee is a big one. I used to take 3 and the gradual come down to no sugar was hard initially, but now just seems natural. Your taste buds will adjust.

I find dinner a difficult time. My days are great, an Atkins low carb shake for breakfast or porridge (also without sugar), special occasions call for eggs and tea. Lunch is off and on, snacks are always fruit (chocolate hasn’t reared its head even when Aunt Flo visits), dinner is okay some days and quite bad others. Atleast I know which areas I need to work on… it could be a bigger battle if it were every meal. And water, I’ve probably drunk more water in the last three months then my 26 years prior combined!

To deal with the dinner debacles, mum and I recently tried the Gourmet Dinner Service. These guys pride themselves on flash freezing their food and making a large variety of meal options to suit our numerous taste buds. Luckily for us, both of these things held true, the food was easy to cook (microwave or oven) and it was handy having a semi-healthy meal in the freezer ready to cook when we got home from long days. Their prices aren’t too exorbitant either, cheaper than take out or fast food and healthier to boot. If you’re new parents or pressed for time, do give them a go, they supply to most of Sydney and surrounding areas.

My friend M went away to India yesterday, she returns on November 4th which gives me exactly 30 days (roughly 4 weeks) to stick to my new plan and a short term goal to meet. Sometimes long term goals can be daunting and I don’t want to set myself up for a second failure; rather a first win. My first 2 week goal is to incorporate a steady exercise regime and get my food patterns into a routine. The second 2 weeks I’ll focus on working out various areas of my body rather then just an exercise video. By week 4 end I will feel better knowing that I could stick my plan and with any luck and consistent determination, I will see a difference in myself.

So here we are 4 months after my first proper beginning and I’m embarking on my body/lifestyle change again. Wish me luck and follow my journey here.




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