November, schmovember

We’re three days into a new month and 11 months down the line from this year. Where has the time gone is echoing throughout the world. I’ve got 18 posts typed up that need posting, one house that requires someone to sit up and pass its plans and half a banana that should have been eaten yesterday. Surely I am not alone in this end of year, ‘what have I got to show for 2014?’ feeling that is doing the rounds?

So instead of talking about it, this month it’ll all be past posts – things I have done and wanted to share, but just haven’t gotten around to. If you’ve got a few dusty dreams / ideas / thoughts to share, go for it. If you don’t today, next thing you know it’ll be the 1st of January and that to do list is going to look awfully long and unattainable. Mine’s achievable, just need to wake up and do it, is all.

Speaking of, anyone see Itti Si Khushi on Sony TV? Its surprisingly not your run of the mill Indian soapie. Bit of engaging substance that I’m looking forward to giving my attention too. More on that later. There’s still season 8 of Supernatural to catch up on (10’s airing now!!) and about 8 books that require some reading.

I’ll be back… this month.


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