The Great 2014 Adventure

S and I have been planning a trip (for the better part of this year) to Europe. It is his very first introduction to a number of things – long flights, countries that are not Australia or New Zealand, packing a suitcase for winter, a white Christmas, a foreign Christmas and 3 weeks in a majority of countries where he does not speak the language. The exciting part is, he is really looking forward to our trip and has dutifully read up on the art of layering, packing a suitcase for winter and even a few airline hacks that help with long flights.

Frankly, I’m relieved that he’s looking into things. Sadly, I don’t remember my first international flight that well. It was a long time ago and I was quite young, 10 months old enroute to Nadi, Fiji. Right after their first coup nonetheless so I hear my mother had to pack a carton and her luggage full of baby necessities, diapers, formula and what not to keep her child happy and healthy. There are some rather amusing pictures of me being bathed in a large bowl. Hmmm…

Sydney to Singapore was my first big flight – a larger plane, about 9 hours on the thing and some 2.5 airline meals. It seems so long ago, Singapore was such a clean and shiny airport, we had to change to our second flight and I remember leading my mum through the maze of people and gates to our connecting flight to London. Many years down the track, this Christmas, I’ll be leading S out of our flight at Rome for our three week sojourn in Europe. It is a bit overwhelming, leading people anywhere let alone into a foreign country – but I am excited and he is too which makes it a small bout of apprehension rather then a large scale freak out.

We’ll be leaving Friday evening (tomorrow) so this post is incredibly belated, but! I do intend to tell you lovely people all about my trip on the flipside. Happpy holidays everyone, stay safe for your loved ones, laugh much with everyone – and let’s all aim to be better in the new year. xx

Christmas tree <3


PS. There’ll be a slew of book reviews coming up, auto timed so no offence shall be taken should I not respond, but these are the bulk of my September 17 – happy to report only four of the original books bought in October are left to be read/reviewed!


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