We are alive, and that means something

It is the last day of March, the 31st day of autumn and the second day of the week. As is my custom for the past few years, I’ve embarked upon another try to do my best to lose fat and improve my health phase. They haven’t all failed, but my follow through definitely needs a talking to. Stumbled across (read: found a Pin on ye olde procrastinator’s friend) this gem and as its coming on the 20th day of my last decision to better my body, have a read. You will smile, if not find a little motivation yourself.

Here is an excerpt:

Sometimes you will hear people say something to the effect of their weight just “falling off.” “I stopped drinking soda and the weight just started to fall off!” “I started walking in tiny circles around my arm chair and the weight just fell off!” “I high fived a beluga whale and WONDER OF WONDERS THE WEIGHT JUST MAGICALLY FELL OFF AND NOW I RIDE A UNICORN TO THE OFFICE.”



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