Reading 101

The very first book I remember reading was Tom’s Hammer by I don’t know who. Mum had bought it for me after much cajoling from a local supermarket’s counter as we checked out. It was about 4cm by 5cm in size with a bright yellow cover that pictured a freckled boy holding a hammer. I was just learning the magic of putting letters together to make a word and stringing words together to form a sentence. In all my life, this is the one lesson I remember best; the teacher’s words were revealing what I thought was a miracle and my attention was held for the next few months as I tried to master the tricks.

It has been over 20 years since that day and books have become my guides, strength, inspiration, entertainment and above all my friends. With the exception of one two books, I have enjoyed everything I have read. This is a bold claim but an honest one. Perhaps I am positive by nature, but there are good and bad in every book, something to appreciate or be amused by and other aspects to not.

What do I read? In fiction there is fantasy, romance, horror, science fiction, mysteries. In non-fiction there are biographies, state histories, political arguments, cinematic history, cook books, technological ideas and a host I’ve yet to discover. If you have a suggestion, please drop me a line here – I’m always game for something new.

I’ve come a long way since Tom’s Hammer which was tattered and worn the last time I came across it, but my affair with reading continues and in Film & Fairytale you’ll find my reviews and exclamations about books I’ve read or am looking forward to. Reading is more than a passion, it’s a way of life.

Happy reading, R.


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