The List

This list changes from time to time – mood based, you might say. The below are titles I would like to read this year. Given that I bought 17 books over the weekend, the below will not be bought or read until I have finished what I have. In my defence, I did finish the list prior to this one in its entirety before investing in the aforementioned 17.

The Last Samurai, DeWitt
No one belongs here more than you, July
Samedi the Deafness, Ball
Anarchy, Treadwell
Frog Music, Donoghue
Boy, Snow, Bird, Oyeyemi
Kinder Than Solitude, Li
Casebook, Simpson
Lost & Found, Davis
100 year old man who climbed out the window, Jonasson
Elizabeth is Missing, Healey

The Road to Middlemarch,
The Happiest Refugee
Ellen DeGeneres
The Monuments Men
A Short History of Nearly Everything
The Hotel on Place Vendome
Second World War

Henry Cecil Leon
Robert Bloch


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