I love watching Indian movies. The French are great, Asians are colourful and the British are intelligent. But the Indian are what I grew up watching and so they’ll always hold a special place. Sure, the characters have taken many decades to develop, the stories have only really begun being original, but the heart at their core is truly phenomenal. Not to mention, they can poke fun at themselves which will always endear anyone to me. American movies are another mainstay of life. Let’s face it, living in Australia, we’re as in-tune with their cinema as bread is to butter.

My friend Kris and I are regular couch potatoes come a cold weekend. Movies, TV shows, miniseries – we can hold own our with the best of them. Keep an eye out for our 10 best/worst lists. They’ve been scribbled on enough pizza napkins that I have fun piecing them together.


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