My mother is an amazing cook. She always knows where to add the spices, the salt, coriander. I’m so-so. I have the dishes I have mastered after a few attempts and the dishes that I never quite get right (dry, dry fish anyone?). This year has seen us embrace a lot more dinner services and prepared meals in an attempt to be healthier. Silly in retrospect as what flash frozen food could be better than what we’ve created at home? Nada. Not that there isn’t a lot of good stuff out there, for us though, home cooked is going to win this year.

As we head back to home cooking from this October, I thought it would be useful to others, to share some of our favourite dishes, and some of the trial by fires we witness. Generally we prefer spicy food, or multiple flavours in our dishes, a trait found in most Indian homes. My mum being Fijian Indian, we also have a whole host of island produce that we enjoy such as root vegetables common to them. Living in multicultural Sydney, we also try pastas, pizzas, Greek food, Thai, some Chinese dishes and of course, Indianised versions of the aforementioned.

Bon appétit.


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