Hello, I am Roze.

If I could do three things for the rest of my life it would be tough to go past – reading voraciously, watching films / TV shows as the fancy takes me and cooking for strangers.

I’ve wanted to see all of the world for as long as I can remember. Wielding a cutlass with a trusty animal of some kind at my side, breathing in as much adventure as possible – this was my ideal life at 10. It is a shame I don’t care much for animals and that pirates and thieves are frowned upon.

In my twenty-seventh year on Earth, I am completing my Masters in Journalism, attempting to finish my first novel and making it a point to blog regularly in an attempt to better my writing.

There is also the small matter of losing 22kgs that I have gained over the course of my academic career. It was a gradual gain and this year shall see a gradual decrease. There’s a countdown of sorts and we’ll see how much of my hard work pays off.

2012 was my year of adventure as chronicled at The Winchester Chronicles. For the last three years I’ve been trying to ace my classes, finish at least three-quarters of my novel, lose weight, blog regularly and work on our ongoing renovations. You can follow my success and trials on all of these here.

This blog also chronicles my reading, watching, travels and everything else that takes my fancy. You’ll find reviews, opinions and questions that puzzle my mind. My Indian heritage also find some posts along the way – if you’re a fan of Hindi cinema stay tuned, if you like Hindi TV serials, we might just be friends.

We all need a few obsessions and some compulsions in our lives, welcome to mine.

Electronically yours,


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