Also Me

My mother named me after a girl in an Italian horror flick. We aren’t Italian, but she didn’t let that stop her.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the nurse forgot an ‘a’ and dropped the hyphen, naming me something even more out of the ordinary. I’m now a quarter of a century old and I’ve long since learnt to pronounce it different ways for different people. The shortened version works best for most, around the house and in familial circles I’m simply known as B.

There are no siblings, just mum and I in our family. Looking back on my mother’s eccentric parenting skills, my being an only child has worked out better for the world at large. We’ve spent the last two years (and counting) renovating an old home we bought some 50km from the heart of Sydney. It has been a crazy ride, but the effects of our effort are wonderful to see. We can proudly say, this place was a labour of love and hard work.

Life wise, I was studying a Masters in Journalism but I’ve taken a year long break to travel and gain some people and writing experience before I finish the Masters and plunge myself into making some kind of something of myself. I’m not sure what exactly, but I would love to work in magazine publishing. After my year long stint at Good Reading Magazine in 2011, I have fallen in love with the industry and while some might argue its a dying field, I’d like to be part of it anyway. Like most people who claim to write, I also foster fictional novels within myself. Works in progress that can be discussed when they’ve come into proper being.

In Film & Fairytale you’ll find book and film related previews, reviews and opinions. There are also travel ideas and posts about places I’ve been. Favourite or interesting TV shows and music that’s touched a chord. For more information on each of these, check out the pages or browse through the tags. More than anything, F&F is a place to share stories, ideas and opinions on some of my favourite topics, feel free to drop me a line regarding any or all of these things here.

Happily yours, R.

Have an interlude, have a Danish biscuit.


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